A sound-proof area, either rooftop or designed in a silent theatre style, with a capacity of 150-200 attendees for theatre-style speeches.

Activities in the conference area will include

  • Speeches and roundtables featuring Alibaba and Ant Group’s business units and their ANZ brand leaders.
  • Special conferences led by the government, industry communities, and business organisations.

Benefits to the attendees

  • Exclusive silent theatre experience for participants
  • Over 20 speakers, including experts from Alibaba, Ant Group, C-suite leaders, and industry experts
  • 10+ sessions of exclusive training on the latest e-commerce trends and practical insights
  • Topics covering China trade and CBEC, Southeast Asia trade and CBEC, Global Wholesaling trends, Finance/currency exchange in global trade, and Global business insights
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in the export ecosystem
  • Access to exclusive content
  • In-depth insights into various aspects of global trade
  • Inspiration and strategies shared by renowned business leaders

Immersive experience designed to go beyond the ordinary conference format

The Exhibition Experience

The Exhibition Experience

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The Aliexpo Conference Theatre

The Aliexpo Conference Theatre

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The Aliexpo Main Stage

The Aliexpo Main Stage

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This year’s topics include:

What Attendees are Saying

Definitely for us, Alibaba Ecosystem is one of the biggest opportunities that we’ve had worldwide and being here today is a massive step. When we launched the brand, we’re really excited about the Chinese market, I think the fact that the Chinese consumers love Australian brands is going to be really important for us.
Sarah Hamilton
Sand & Sky
Currently we’ve got a Tmall franchise store and the biggest part about having a franchise store is to ensure authenticity. There are some consumers who don’t feel comfortable buying from third party platforms, where they’re not sure the product is authentic, so they tend to buy from the Tmall store.
Steve Wassing

Our Speakers

Learn From The Experts


Zoe Reilly

CEO IT Company

Dan Cairns

Paid Growth Director Company name

Simon Jacobson

Search Advertising Lead Company name

Tom Larner

Strategist Ideas & Concepts

Linda Jacobson

CEO and Founder Company name

Sara Chow

Marketing Manager Company name